applied Neural PLasticity & dynamics

The brain has the amazing ability to change and rewire itself.

Lets use that as a tool and basis for treatment.

What can I do? Lots!!

This is crude and an obviously a template—but only limited by my skills, not my creativity or vision! A nicer site would help draw support.

And a creative new logo would be fantastic!

Yes, pledge. I won’t accept any money until there is a large enough pledge to actually establish the organization. At that point this will be changed to ‘donate.’ I want everything above board from the beginning. Or be a “science angel” and get it all started!

We need accounting and legal assistance. The less money paid for expenses, the more goes to science.

Are you a public figure? Help support this project by speaking out about it. Been there? Speak out!

I can do the most amazing science, but with out public figures to make the issues and research known, it will never change public opinion, and we will stay in the same rut.

Suggest a good name! I wanted Luminary Organization—as it was the luminaries that guided the early heretics to question dogma. Luminaries Foundation? I do like the Aristarchusy! (But I am a geek…)

Help with this web site!

Lend your support as benefactor. 

Volunteer legal/accounting services            

Pledge to donate.

Potential name change.

This is a grass roots organization. We need all the roots we can get! You never know who might either be highly motivated to help, or might know someone that is.

Just tell a friend about us.              

I know many have qualms over some types of research. That is also why I want a multidisciplinary lab and eventually center. So fully fund or have your donation restricted to human research or computer-based neural modeling research.  We need it all.

I Like your ideas, but what research?          

Believe in what I am saying? Write a letter of support to add to this site. To provide insight to nonscientists.

Professional in the field?                

Jump in at the beginning!


Email me!

I could do one of those!!