applied Neural PLasticity & dynamics

The brain has the amazing ability to change and rewire itself.

Lets use that as a tool and basis for treatment.

My ResearcH

Memory and learning —it guides all of our actions, right or wrong.

The brain is much like muscle tissue. Use it, or it weakens. The two memory systems are much like two muscles. In addiction and addiction-like disorders, one of these muscles remains strong, the other weakens to where it cannot help control the motion. There are no drugs to simply restore a weak muscle, but current strategies seek exactly that. The drug treatments also simply provide a brace for the weak muscle. Doctors would never leave a person’s arm in a cast forever, but they will leave the brain in a permanent ‘drug’ cast.


Initial pharmaceutical interventions are needed in many cases, but we need to realize these are casts, and the cast must come off, and we must then start working to strengthen the muscles.


In addiction, one of those muscles is still strong and functioning. But that is also where all the research and research money is: why is this muscle so strong, and how do we weaken it?


The problem would seem quite obvious: LOOK AT THE HELPING THE WEAKENED MUSCLE! NOT the muscle that is working!


The two Key points:


1) Two competing memory systems.

2) The 3 ‘L’s:

      LTP — Long term potentiation

      LTD — Long term depression

      Depotentiation of LTP — undoing LTP.